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Daily readings June 3-9, 2012

In the last verses of Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus gives His final command to the disciples, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” It is in this command to baptize the nations that we have the clearest expression of the Holy Trinity in all of Scripture. We are baptized “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” In our Baptism the triune God of love is revealed to us. Through catechesis, “teaching them to observe all things,” the mystery of the Holy Trinity is revealed to us. The God of the first commandment is the Triune God: “You shall have no other gods.” The unique work of the three persons and their relationship to each other and to us is revealed in the Apostles’ Creed. We approach God the Father, through the Son, by the faith given by the Holy Spirit in the Lord’s Prayer, etc., etc., etc., Each chief part of the Catechism reveals “all things” we need to know and believe about the Holy Trinity for our salvation.

Please Pray For: Dan Worth, Dorothy Robison, Juanita Rankin, George Van Huss, Crystal Ray, Ruth Hedrick, Walt Hedrick, Erna Van Winkle, Mary Kay Schmidt, Kathy Schmidt, John Haynes, Margaret Branham, Katie Ketchum, Colin Starks, George Shepherd, Donna Smith and Bill Hoff.
Military: Please keep in your prayers all Military persons, especially Brittany Worth who is deployed to Afghanistan.
Hospitalizations: Please notify Pastor GeRue about any sickness or hospitalizations.

LUTHERAN HOUR June 3  From "Woe Is Me" to "Here I Am" Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Gregory Seltz Jesus is God in action for you, transforming your "Woe is me" situation into the joyful "Here I am" place of victory by grace. (Isaiah 6:1-8)
WLUJ              Springfield, IL    89.7 FM                  Sunday 3:00 pm
WLLM             Lincoln, IL          1370 AM Sunday 7:00 am & 7:00 pm
WSMI              Litchfield            1540 AM                Sunday 9:30 pm

Next Weeks Lessons: The First Sunday after trinity
When the beggar Lazarus died, he was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. For he was truly Abraham’s seed. He believed in the Lord, and the Lord “accounted it to him for righteousness” (Genesis 15:1–6). The name Lazarus means “God is my help.” The unnamed rich man, on the other hand, did not love and trust in God. For he evidently cared little for the beggar at his gate. And “he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?” (1 John 4:16–21). He who loved and trusted in possessions and prestige died and was in torments in Hades (Luke 16:19–31). Repentance and faith are worked only through Moses and the prophets—that is, the Word of God, for it points us to Christ. Through His death and resurrection, we are brought to the comfort of life everlasting.

Old Testament: Genesis 15:1–6
Epistle: 1 John 4:16–21
Holy Gospel: Luke 16:19–31
Daily Lectionary For June 3–9, 2012
June 3                                                 Proverbs 22:1–21; John 18:1–14
June 4                                          Proverbs 22:22-23:12; John 18:15-40
June 5                                                   Proverbs 24:1-22; John 19:1-22
June 6                    Proverbs 25:1-22; John 19:23-42; Proverbs 26:1-28
June 7                 Proverbs 27:1-24; John 20:1-18; Proverbs 28:1-29:27
June 8                                       Proverbs 30:1-9, 18-33; John 20:19-31
June 9 Trinity 1         Genesis 15:1–6; 1 John 4:16–21; Luke 16:19–31

Lutherans for Life –
Life Thought: God the Father’s love compels Him to give His only begotten Son. Through the water of holy Baptism, His Spirit calls us and gives us new life. What value the Holy Trinity bestows upon human life!
Life Quote: “The life issues present us with opportunities to point people in the right way, the way of Jesus and the truth of His Word. The life issues present us with opportunities to bring Jesus and His compassion to people who are hurting and struggling. The life issues present us with opportunities to bring people to Jesus and the healing and restoring message of His salvation.” Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life


Saturday            June 2           5:30 pm                         Worship Service
Sunday              June 3            9:00am                                 Bible Study
                                             10:00 am                         Worship Service
Wednesday        June 6           7:30 pm                                              AA
Thursday           June 7           9:00 am                     LWML Bible Study
Friday                June 8                                            Pastor’s Family Day
Saturday            June 9           5:30 pm                         Worship Service

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