Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily Readings January 8-14, 2012

Daily Lectionary
Sunday              Hezekiah Purifies the Temple—2 Chronicles 28:22–29:36,  Romans 4:1-25
Monday           Hezekiah Celebrates the Passover—2 Chronicles 30:1–31:1, Romans 5:1—6:2
Tuesday     The Destruction of Sennacherib’s Army—2 Chronicles 32:1-23, Romans 6:12-18
Wednesday                  King Hezekiah’s Life Is Extended—2Kings 20:1-11, Romans 7:1-25
Thursday King Hezekiah Receives Envoys from Babylon—2 Kings 20:12-21, Romans 8:1–29
Friday                                                                                   Romans 13:1-7
Saturday                      Exodus 33:12–23, Ephesians 5:22–33, John 2:1–11

Saturday       January 7                 5:30 pm                         Worship Service
Sunday         January 8                 9:00 am                                  Bible Class
                                                   10:00 am                         Worship Service
                                                     3:00 pm             Adult Information Class
Monday        January 9                 6:30 pm                                        Elder’s
Tuesday      January 10                 9:00 am                                       NMMA
Wednesday January 11                 5:00 pm                              Confirmation
                                                     7:30 pm                                              AA
Friday         January 13                 6:00 pm                Circuit Pastor’s Dinner
Look forward to the Second Sunday after Epiphany
Exodus 33:12–23, Ephesians 5:22–33, John 2:1–11

Jesus’ First Miracle Reveals God’s Glory
The coming of the Messianic kingdom means the restoration of creation. The sign of this restoration is that “the mountains shall drip sweet wine” (Amos 9:1115). When the elements of a fallen creation fail and run short at a wedding feast, our Lord Jesus steps in to restore creation and miraculously changes water into an abundance of the very best wine (John 2:111). With this sign, Christ manifests His glory. The “back” of God (Exodus 33:1223) is revealed to those who believe. The hour will come when Jesus will again manifest His glory by taking creation’s curse into His own body to release us from its power. The Bridegroom will give His life for the Bride (Ephesians 5:2232), and from His side will flow water and blood, the holy sacraments by which she is cleansed and made one with Him. Through this sacrificial love of Christ we are enabled to “love one another with brotherly affection . . .” and to “outdo one another in showing honor” (Romans 12:616).

SUNDAY’S DIVINE SERVICE— The Baptism of Our Lord
John objects to baptizing Jesus, saying, “I have need to be baptized by You, and are You coming to me?” John is right! He and all sinners must be “washed,” or “baptized,” by Jesus or they  cannot be saved; but the Sacrament of Holy Baptism only has power to save because Jesus was “baptized to fulfill all righteousness.” In His Baptism, the sinless Son of God, who had become man, aligned Himself with sinful man and took responsibility for the transgressions of the world. “He who knew no sin was made to be sin for us” in the waters of Holy Baptism, that He might fulfill all righteousness in His death for sinful man upon the cross. Now our Baptism has the power to save. As Jesus received the iniquity of us all in His Baptism, so we receive His righteousness in our Baptism. God the Father is delighted with this “happy exchange” and declares us His beloved for Jesus' sake.

Last Week At Trinity
(Time And Treasures For God’s Service)
Bible Class           12                              Saturday Service                     25
Sunday School       0                              Sunday Service                       30
Midweek Class       0                                                                             
Total                   12                              Total                                     55
Advent                                                 $ 550.00
Christmas                                            $2,216.30
Saturday                                            $ 3,260.05
Sunday                                                  $985.11
Total                                                   $7,011.46
Total needed for week                          $2,016.73
Over for the week                               $4,940.59
Over for the year                                $4,033.98
Savings                                             $ 1,464.19           

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